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My website will show you a selection of my work since 2011 which comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolours and monoprints. Whereas my sculptures are all abstract, my motifs in painting or works on paper can be figurative or abstract. Sometimes, I enjoy the observation and concentration needed to create an expressive still life. At other times, I love working freely and follow where my painting process takes me. When starting an abstract picture, I may have an idea of a mood or the choice of colours I want to display but I never know what the result will be. The dialogue between my eye and the colours, lines or strokes of the evolving picture leads me on an adventurous journey full of surprises. I like this freedom of creation, and regard the struggles on the way as challenges in order to reach the final results.


The measurements of the artworks on the pages of individual pictures indicate the height before the width, measured at the left-hand and bottom edge respectively. Please note: The sizes of paintings on canvas and sculptures are given in centimetre (cm), those of works on paper in millimetre (mm).

My works are for sale. If you are interested in one of them and it is not held in a private collection, then please contact me by email.

Please click on the images or headings in order to go to the relevant section of my work.


     Helga Joergens, Flower 2016    Helga Joergens, Hyacinths 2016    Helga Joergens, Crocuses 2016



Helga Joergens, Still Life with pumpkins 2015        Helga Joergens, Into the Unknown 2017


Watercolours and Acrylics on Paper

Helga Joergens, Stalactites 2017    Helga Joergens, View into the Light 2018    Helga Joergens, Summer Light 2018



Helga Joergens, Into the Light 2 2016    Helga Joergens, Gate 2016    Helga Joergens, Grotto 2018

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